Christian Carlsen / CCA


Christian Carlsen project (CCA project)

Museum of Bornholm

PROJECT: Museum of Bornholm

TYPE: Public Building, extension

PROJECT TYPE: Open Competition

SIZE: New 3500 m2 + renovation 1600 m2

CLIENT: Museum of Bornholm

PROJECT TEAM: Christian Carlsen, Robin Kromann


STATUS: Setteled

YEAR: 2003

Idea: the proposal stacks the programme so a significant area is left for the town plaza as well as for the museum garden which are both parts of the programme. The exhibition tower is significantly higher than the existing museum and becomes a landmark for the museum. The new scale relates to the old power plant (future culture house), the church and the former Technical University – the monuments of the area. This helps establish a more urban character in the context.

The Roof is the connecting link of all the buildings and external spaces of the museum. Under the roof are the servicing functions. On the roof is the museum garden. The character of the tower is closed, clad with horizontal bands of relief concrete and matte glass bands letting controllable daylight in to the galleries.

The volumes will have a mystical and intriguing character and its layered expression can bring to mind geological layers or sediments – an important story of Bornholm Island.

The existing main building, with its beautiful spaces is used for the more introvert programmes: study activities, the open magazines, archives, library and class rooms.


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