Christian Carlsen / CCA


Christian Carlsen project (CCA project)

Kyrls Quay

PROJECT: Kyrls Quay, Cork, Irland

TYPE: Planning

PROJECT TYPE: Open Competition

SIZE: 4 Ha

CLIENT: Cork City Council

PROJECT TEAM: Christian Carlsen, Robin Kromann, Kristian L Larsen

SITE: Kyrls Quay, Cork, Irland

STATUS: 2.nd Prize

YEAR: 2005

PUBLISHED: RIAI Magazine 2005

see Assesors Report

Concept: Shopping + Park = ShoppingPark. The shoppingpark at Kyrl´s Quay is located at a prime location linking existing shopping areas and across the river. The intertwining of park and shopping creates a new shopping experience as well as new park experience -The shoppingpark unites a relaxing day in the riverside park with an exclusive shopping experience between the existing shopping areas at North Main St. and the old city centre.

The ShoppingPark creates a new facade on the urban fabric as background for the calving volumes that seems to float out into the river -linking across the Kyrl´s Quay road and the river.

The new building masking the existing car park contains an expansion of Dunne’s Store at entrance level with access to the Shopping Park and a motel in 4 stories with access though the car park -you book a room as you park you car...


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