Christian Carlsen / CCA


Christian Carlsen project (CCA project)



TYPE: housing

SIZE: 3200m2

CLIENT: Løgten Midt A/S

PROJECT TEAM: Christian Carlsen, Christian Carlsen Arkitektfirma in collaboration with Cf Møller, Niras


STATUS: Under construction

YEAR: 2004-2008

PUBLISHED: Arkitekten nr. 7, side 66-67, Byggeri nr. 8, side 52, Interiør nr. 9, side 13, Byggeri + Arkitektur nr. 8, side 24-25, Byggeri + Arkitektur nr. 9, side 14, Global Danish Architecture #2, Marianne Ibler side 40-43

Idea: A 36 meter high grain silo is converted in to luxury apartments. The existing concrete structure is used as core for staircases, elevator and bathrooms, while the apartments are constructed around the silo.

This opens up the opportunity to shape the apartments individually and make very large openings in the facades – this would not be possible if building within the envelope of the existing silo.

Siloetten is situated on a ridge in the landscape with a view over the Aarhus Bay area and Mols Bjerge – one of the most beautiful landscapes in Denmark. All apartments have enormous terraces and the housing concept is described as stacked villas; as the outside spaces and contact with the surrounding landscape is fundamental for the quality of the dwellings.

In the composition the silo forms a”spine”. The apartments are composed around it as a more free formed body with protrusions and overhangs so that the dwellings have optimal orientation to the view and daylight.

The addition is a large steel structure that spans between the silo and the facades. This results in open, free plans that increase the flexibility of the interiors.

The landscape around the silo is treated as a park with a covered car park. The artificially formed “teletubbies” landscape integrates Siloetten and the parking in to the surrounding context.


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