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Work Method

The Method

The founding idea is to solve projects through networks – because it gathers the best people for task given.

Christian Carlsen runs the firm to make architecture – not the opposite. The set-up releases time and energy from management and dedicates to the work and architecture.

Architecture is not a One-Man show. On the contrary, the result depends directly on the synergy created in the project team.

The quality springs from the project team with the best qualifications for the task.

It is not always an advantage to be a large firm to make high quality architecture. The way we work is to create collaborations or alliances tailor-made for the task. The best people for the job are hired as employees or subcontractors for the specific task or collaborations are formed with other architectural practices or advisors when seen fit.

Our perception of the making of architecture is that each project is unique with its independent conditions, challenges, premises - and must be dealt with as such. Especially when working in such different areas from product design to building to urban planning. This must be reflected methodically in the work process and in the group of people solving the task.

In time this philosophy has grown in to a large network of different people with different skill and qualities. The firm has also participated in a variety of rolls in the projects both as architect, adviser and consultant.


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