Christian Carlsen / CCA


CC architecture

CC has the perception that each project is an adventure on its own premises, in its own place and with its own agenda.

This means that we have a Conceptual approach to architecture in stead of a Stylistic approach. In stead of developing a style that is applied to each project the Conceptual approach is a more considering and liberated approach to finding a solution.

There are many cultural and ideological influences in our projects because the specific approach has always been more important than the stylistic. “Style” can help to sell projects because they are “branded” but this is also the weakness. The projects become “frozen motifs” applied to places and situations at the risk of becoming paraphrases.

The concept should be a landscape of possibilities to move around in during the process of developing the project. Not “a hook hang” your project on. The result arises as the materialization of this process oriented approach.

CCA is interested in an architecture that is theoretically founded. The theories of architecture can be applied in a more free fashion. They can be put to use when they seem relevant because they each have specific qualities that contribute in understanding the project and crystallizing its potentials.

That there are themes that time and again show up when you browse through the projects is caused by the fact that certain subjects keep having our interest. We see this as the result of approach rather than a style.


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