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Christian Carlsen project (CCA project)

Dragørs face towards Øresund

PROJECT: Dragørs face towards Øresund

PROJECTTYPE: Open Competition – 2.nd prize

TYPE: Planning

SIZE: 4 Ha

CLIENT: Dragoer City Counsil

PROJECT TEAM: Christian Carlsen, Robin Kromann

LOCATION: Dragoer water front

STATUS: 2.nd Prize

YEAR: 2002

PUBLISHED: TV2 Lorry 12.12.02

The concept is a master plan with an overall disposition of the area, pictures illustrating the future area and a set of rules. Together these ingredients render the “atmosphere of a place”. It is not a plan with a dogmatic result but a set of rules and a catalogue of possibilities like “a roll raw-film” that can be edited with the rules. A landscape of opportunities is laid out.

Our concept operates on 4 overall levels: The landscape, the structure, the building typology and the strategy of building.

The Landscape

The landscape is treated so the different characters of the built areas are underlined. The new area is defined as a clear structure of simple volumes on a surface of rubble that marks a clear division of the park and harbour structure.

The Structure

The structure is a clear and well defined building envelope. The inspiration comes from small rural industrial harbours and is simple wooden industrial buildings on the outside. Inside functional programmes are mixed as well as different types of interior space.

As important as the buildings is the space between. The undifferentiated surface between is wide so the inside activities can be taken outside. And be part of the public space and be a part of the activation of this.

Building typology

The wooden hall is a highly applicable typology. It will be differentiated in to 1 or 2 floors. The programme can be shipyard, hotel, restaurants and housing. The halls present themselves with a high degree of transparency and the interiors will resonance in the public out door space of the surface.

The process strategy

Is a complex mix between temporary and lasting programmes working in symbiotic relationships and construction of the volumes that will be executed in stages.


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