Christian Carlsen / CCA


Christian Carlsen project (CCA project)


PROJECT: Enghusene

TYPE: housing, planning

SIZE: built 6500m2, landscape 26 Acres

CLIENT: Enghusene Aps

PROJECT TEAM: Christian Carlsen, Cf Møller, Viggo Madsen Rådgivende ingeniører, Hans Ulrik Jensen A/S

PLACERING: Over Hornbæk, DK

STATUS: Stage 1, 2006-2008 / Stage 2, 2008-

YEAR: 2006

PUBLISHED: Randers Amtsavis 04.10.06, Randers Amtsavis 18.09.06

“Enghusene” (The meadow Houses) derive from the unique character of the landscape. The area is situated on a south facing slope in connection with a golf course with an uninterrupted view of fields and forest. The result is 43 houses connected in long, curving chains forming a characteristic identity – like a sign in the sloping landscape.

The master plan is like a hand set in to the grass. Between the”fingers” of houses is a free growing meadow.

The concept for the plan is to achieve variation from 2 types of houses – a 1 story and a 2 story house.

The houses are like cells connected in strings, forming long chains, taking shape from the terrain and insuring every house the optimal view and orientation.

Every house has a free view of the landscape of the area, the near landscape of the meadow and of the individual gardens.

One- story 137,7 m2

Two-story 142,9 m2

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