Christian Carlsen / CCA


Christian Carlsen project (CCA project)


PROJECT: Housing area in Kolt

TYPE: Planning

PROJECT TYPE: Invited Competition

SIZE: 27600 m2

CLIENT: Boligforeningen Århus Omegn, Brabrand Boligforening, Hoffmann Ejendomme

PROJECT TEAM: Christian Carlsen, JWH Arkitekter, Kjær & Richter


STATUS: Setteled

YEAR: 2004

Concept: The 4 areas of the structure are tied together by the large wavy terrain where islands of housing enclaves are placed. The long competition area is divided by the forrest. This clear landscape element works as a clear and visible landmark from where ever you approach the area and helps tying the area together.

The enclaves are oriented so they form long landscape spaces East-West and North-South.

Because of the landscapes potential it has been important to develop building patterns that draw the landscape in to the single living unit. The enclaves are shaped as U´s facing each other. This pattern creates public court yard spaces wich in some cases has character of a farm court yard or in other cases squares or plazas, tying together the enclave. One does not live on a street but more around a space creating a voluntary common ground.

The greens between the enclaves create series of internal landscape spaces connecting each unit to the larger landscape of the area. Together this creates a pattern where each living unit is connected to a neighbourhood and on the other side nature and the landscape.


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