Christian Carlsen / CCA


Christian Carlsen project (CCA project)

ON-fill Mejlgade

PROJECT: Mejlgade ON-fill

TYPE: housing, extension

SIZE: 107m2

CLIENT: Kristian Friesgaard Christiensen

PROJECT TEAM: Christian Carlsen, Thomas Bonde

PLACERING: Mejlgade, Århus


YEAR: 2007

The existing house is in principle a freestanding house set in a fragmented context of a variety of building typologies, heights and stylistic expressions.

The design derivates from this contextual situation but respects the existing house. A simple but well proportioned brick building.

The concept respects the existing building by avoiding removing or cutting in to the original volume but rather adding on and thereby emphasizing the addition of two volumes from different epochs and with different expressions.

The ON-fill is articulated as a homogeneous object clad in a single material.

The design for the volume derives from the mirrored image of the motief found in in the gable wall, creating a 3-dimensional figure.

The geometric configuration of the ON-fill has a number of qualities in regard to the context.

Because of the plot envelope, windows are only allowed towards the inner courtyard.

The rising of the roof ends creates a space with a plastic quality and makes it possible to have a large atelier skylight facing north bringing soft daylight to inside living space on the 2.nd floor. A second skylight towards south lights up the inner connecting staircase, a sculptural element with furniture like quality.


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