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Christian Carlsen project (CCA project)

østerbrogade 54PROJECT: Østerbrogade 54 TYPE: business, Conversion SIZE: 300m2 CLIENT: Niels Jørn Garder LOCATION: Østerbrogade 54, København, Denmark STATUS: finished YEAR: 2005-2006 COLLABORATORS: Deli-cious, Niels Baere, HUS-arkitekter The conversion of Østerbrogade 54 is a study in utilizing the vast amount of square meters hidden underground in the inner city. The address is in three levels with the top being ground level, while the majority of space hidden underground. The programme combines a top of the range deli with a gourmet restaurant and the service facilities required. The task has been to convert the entire space and bring daylight and visual contact in from the street. The concept realised, had to be simple and effectual and executed with few funds. The idea was to raise the top floor to get visual contact with the street. Let the daylight in and ”transmit” it under the floor with light reflectors. The existing light pits were re-opened then covered with glass to become part of the pavement. It was an objective to bring as much daylight as possible in to the underground space. The light reflectors are made of large sheets of unpolished. This so effect full is no use of electric light. The architectural theme of transparent and reflective surfaces through out the project helps to expand the space and creating visual connections throughout the narrow plot. The”conversion” theme is not restoration but rather a pragmatic approach where the existing frame is stripped of it content and reused as a”white box”. The two existing floors and all inner walls and installations were removed. The use of materials is not ”hi-tech refinement” but rather the application of building components that expand space and help telling the story that a new layer that has been added. The back room is bathrooms, kitchen, office and staff rooms. The lower sub level holds storage and technical spaces.undefined

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