Christian Carlsen / CCA


Christian Carlsen project (CCA project)

Rønde Nord – The landscape town

PROJECT: Rønde Nord – The landscape town

TYPE: Planning

PROJECT TYPE: Open Competition

SIZE: 56 Ha

CLIENT: Rønde City Council

PROJECT TEAM: Christian Carlsen, Robin Kromann, Lotte Green Jensen


STATUS: Setteled

YEAR: 2003

Concept – the landscape-town. The structure is conceived as a porous structure: a hybrid between the rural cultural landscape and housing structure where the contact with nature and the large landscape and the horizon is the prime quality.

The structure consists of a number of housing bands placed in the two main spaces of the landscape. The Narrow bands ensure every house a direct contact with the landscape. The bands are situated on the landscape ridges stretching out from the large slope enforcing this character.

The terrain between the housing bands is conceived as a meadow or agricultural fields for growing crops or farm animals grazing. The terrain between will not appear as one but will be cut in to fields with a variety of uses.

The view from the main road gives panoramas across and along the entire structure, ensuring a clear orientation in the landscape.


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