Christian Carlsen / CCA


Christian Carlsen project (CCA project)



TYPE: planning, commercial, housing

SIZE: Plaza 6000 m2 , housing 900m2 + shops 1600 m2

CLIENT: Løgten Midt A/S

PROJECT TEAM: Christian Carlsen, Christian Carlsen Arkitektfirma in collaboration with Cf Møller, Niras


STATUS: Under construction

YEAR: 2004-2008

Løgten is a traditional village that has grown around a main road. The shape of the village is a long figure and the road is the primary space. There has never been an actual centre but life has unfolded along the road. Loegten has grown in recent years from a suburb to Aarhus to size where a more individual life has started to show.

Idea: A plaza is placed across the road. A plateau rising a few centimetres forming a space on the road and a pause in the movement. Along the perimeter of The Plaza, buildings are established with shops. On top of these are apartments. The east edge is defined by Siloetten with its park and the view of the Aarhus Bay.

The Plaza defines a new centre in the village. It serves as parking for the shops but also space that will be used for town festivals and market.

The Volumes to the west are lowered in one end to preserve the view of the houses behind but rises in the other end and gives view to the apartments established here.


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