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Christian Carlsen project (CCA project)

troldtekt concept

PROJECT: Troldtekt Totalkoncept

TYPE: Product Development, Strategy


CLIENT: L. Hammerich & Co. - Troldtekt A/S

PROJECT TEAM: Christian Carlsen, Christian


STATUS: completed

YEAR: 2002

Troldtekt Acoustic Panels is a traditional building material produced by troldtekt since 1935.

The introduction was to win new markets by introducing new areas of application.

Idea: to develop Troldtekt from being merely a building material for ceilings /acoustic panels to become a total supplier of ceilings and acoustic solutions with integrated lighting, visible and flexible solutions of montage, and also integrating the existing supplementary products in to an integrated and aesthetic unity.

The project itself was the concept for this as well as a catalogue illustrating the perspective of this strategy. CCA has, on the basis of this concept developed a frame system now in production. CUBO has developed a lighting concept and other architects have been involved in designing products as part of the process.


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